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About me

I was born in the 2nd biggest city of Slovakia, Kosice.


Me along with my family escaped from former Czechoslovakia 

when I was at the age of 4 (1981) and was brought up in Australia 


 I had a very interesting childhood. Went to 9 different schools 

while growing up and moving every 3-4yrs around the world. 

I can say that Australia was the foundation of my growing up, it 

gave me the freedom to express my own mind and speak it too.

 Australia gave me a lot in the sense of people, culture and seeing 

the country in its beauty especially at such a young age. 


 I studied art in Slovakia at the School of Applied Arts (SUV) and 

also in Australia. I finished two high schools 

one in Slovakia at SUV majored in stone sculpting and the other was 

in Australia, majored in photography, fine arts 1st and 2nd level.


 After that I worked and travelled to New York to explore and see my 

options in life. 


I worked at an Art Bronze Cast firm for well known local New York artists,

it only lasted for some months, because of the sad incident in 2001 of 

the attack on the World Trade Center. 


I returned to Slovakia after that and worked as a freelancer

doing restauration work on historical buildings. 


I worked in one of the largest stone masonry companies in the UK 

where I learned new stone masonry techniques.

Apart from that I also lived and worked in Greece Corfu Island for 

3 months here I got to experience different cultures and learn from 

their history. 

  I spent most of my time scuba diving where I explored 

the sea which, also gave me a new deep vision. 



Inspiration & Technique :


 As in many cases life inspired

 me as for many artists too. I always looked at the good and the 

 evil side of all matters, this is what drives me to make people 

 see and realize the importance in life or just see  a reflection in 

some part of their own life. Sometimes I even do pieces of art or 

paintings practically out of intuition and let my hand do the talking and 

see what I conjure up with. There are times when I let my eyes do 

the research for me and see things in trees, on buses, dirty windows, 

in patterns, the beauty in lines flowing endlessly to its own desires 

(meaning anything, because beauty can be considered even a broken 

bottle with its shapes ).

  Concerning my style in my statues well I let that evolve within 

myself, I always try to look at what rules can be bent to extreme 

 so when you would look at my art piece from all angles you would 

 see the beauty of the simple lines flowing gently and yet at the 

 same time rough, hard and strong structure, just like life, the 

 balance of harmony.

My drawings, the same thing, but when I use colours I use the most 

outrageous colours and combine them, because they are all beautiful

and need to be embraced with love too .

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